God fixes – naturally. Mortals don’t stand a chance!!

Years ago, at a party he was hosting after the Chandrashekhar govt had been toppled, the fixer par excellence boasted, “ Wait, don’t be in a hurry to write me off. My time is yet to come. You will see me one day….PM”


“Why? Why do you sound astonished? If Chandrashekhar with no party to command and not too many friends could become PM, why not I? ..”

By sheer political chicanery he could become the CEO of Bharat, he was hoping. That he has since not been able to become even an MP is a different story. But he is still around. From Jan sanghi to Vajpayee-baiter to Rao-confidante to now a strident member of the trishul-wielding gang, Dr; Subramanian Swami keeps appearing in ever new avatars. Well the blog is not about the man per se but how the courts are only too happy to lend him an ear and more.

Look at this.  Supreme Court to hear Swamy’s plea on Natarajar temple issue on March 11.


He wants an early hearing on a matter of extreme public importance and Their Lordships oblige.  How many devotees in Chidambaram are exercised about the state government’s moves? Did anyone write to the SC? Was there any newspaper report saying the people are indeed upset? How come this rootless politician is seen as a representative of the people of Chidambaram?

The very same Swamy, one might remember, almost single-handedly derailed the Sethu Samudram  project. He was claiming to represent millions of Rama’s devotees whose feelings ‘would be hurt’ if the project was implemented.

There are hundreds of thousands of cases pending all over the country and one hears all the time the ‘unconscionable backlog’ refrain. In such a case, why should some get posted for early hearing and not others?  And more so when public interest litigation is frowned upon as some unnecessary intrusion?

Their Lordships are willing to sit even on Sundays, in their residence, if it’s a case concerning a godman or an industrialist.  The same courtesy is rarely shown for lesser mortals.

Like that hapless widow of sandalwood Veerappan. More than a year now, she is languishing in a Mysore prison on charges relating to crimes attributed to the dead man. Efforts to get her bail are floundering.

Looks like all such victims should queue up before Subramanian Swamy.  He will relish the prospect of course.

Well, even if they all vote for him, he may not be able to become a councillor anywhere. Still it boosts his image and he can encash somewhere!

Now the question is how come Swamy is able to jump the queue time and again, why is the SC mesmerized by his ilk. The despairing human rights activists could snoop around and figure out.

Anyway time someone demands of the court to explain its rationale.