Indian media, as any mainstream media, serves the interests of the ruling elite, to varying degrees.  Those like us can blow our tops among ourselves, but who cares? The caravan moves on, and the people at large get crushed relentlessly. Now since the Internet offers an alternative, on however a miniscule level it might be, we intend using this blog to discuss the trends in media, especially those based in Tamil Nadu.

We will also be bringing out reports on issues that the mainsteam either doesnt dare or care to look at.

And thus we intend to make it both a liberal and a progressive forum, if any such is possible.

Anyone interested may write to us on air.your.voice@gmail.com.


2 Responses

  1. The opening articles have the required punch. I too will contribute soon.

    All the best.,

  2. nice effort, liked ur blog

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