ON this day of labour uprising, a day of revolutionary fervour, a ‘sacred’ day for communists world over, the day which has become a symbol of hope of making the world a better place to live in not only for toiling stock, but for the mankind as a whole, I feel like calling you, COMRADE – but in a way I did never before, but with so much caution and concern. 

It so happened I finished reading George Orwell’s Animal Farm this morning. I’ve heard about horrors in the so-called socialist countries, hence Orwell had no new revelation for me.
Yet, as a strong literary representation of the problem, the novel left a deep emotional impact on me. A pall of melancholy descended on my heart.

It should have been a humiliating experience for those who had sacrificed their all for the revolution to be turned into hapless slaves of the system.

Human rights violations of communist parties/governments, the mind-numbing suppression of dissent must be faced squarely, and institutional arrangements made to forestall an encore – before people could trust on another revolution.

At the same time we should also remember that objective ground realities could have paved the way for the dictatorship (the real tyranny, as against the much talked after “dictatorship of proletariat” which should have been in any case an intra-class- democracy) over the proletariat.  They should be understood better before we set about suggesting alternatives.

The capitalist world’s conspiracies to reverse the revolution are not a figment of imagination after all.  How are we to face up to such forces even while preventing the rise of Stalins and Maos in the future.

Finally dangers of brutal dictatorships and philistine party officials cannot mean we should hate changes, progressive changes, changes for the better. After all Napoleons, Squealers and their hypocrisies are not strictly confined to communist state alone. They abound in the much glorified democracies as well, as we could see it today.

So then, I want to conclude with Inquilab Zindabad. Only be sure it is not a bleating to crush dissent, but a genuine call fo social change. 



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