Comrade Wins, But Journalism Loses

Gone are the days when our comrade was sulking. And was seeking the help of all and sundry to help him get his share of the pie. Ultimately he had to settle for Frontline and Sportstar alone.

But he has since stormed back with a vengeance and would not let go of the throne. Attaining 65, why shouldn’t he gracefully step down?  So power hungry, perhaps he is scared he would go mad without that power.

Insiders say that there were very few backers for his putative rival. Well, she is quirky, unpredictable and explosive. But that is not why she is being held at bay.

Rather she has it in her to take on the powers that be – which in turn could mean denial of ads and hence lower revenue.

Apparently her own sisters lined up against her. Money is thicker than blood after all.

Thus comrade has not consolidated his position by the blinding brilliance of his unquestionable talents – rather he has ingratiated his way into the favour of all those who matter,  inside and outside his firm. The Board wants to persist with him only because he would continue to rake in the moolah.  What a fall?

Even more disgraceful he should threaten to sue the papers which had put out some obviously ill-informed news.

As one of his brothers moaned – When The Hindu has taken a strong stand against criminal defamation, to use it as a threat to silence journalists does seem strange.

And the worsted rival – As journalists, why should we be afraid of public scrutiny?

But then who cares? Am disappointed though, as I was hoping against hope the paper could become that much livelier.


One Response

  1. “Is it not a reasonable proposition that in any democratic organisation, an isolated few must necessarily respect the will of the majority?” That was the latest from NR. So, minorities can bloody well shut up and follow the majority. Democracy will shut the door on equal rights.
    And Shakespeare fan here is a line from orwell — Power currupts.

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